Disadvantages to Traditional Advertising Media

Today, there are more choices than ever for advertising. Where you spend your dollars will have a huge impact on your company. It will play a large role in you emerging as a leader in your industry. If already a leader, it will help solidify your position and ensure you stay ahead of the competition. How effective is your current plan?

There are many disadvantages to traditional advertising media:

  • NEWSPAPERS are cluttered, provide low quality graphics and are often quickly discarded to the recycling bin. Newspaper reach is shrinking daily and it is more difficult to contact your target market because of the diversity of the audience.
  • TELEVISION is expensive and messages must often be communicated multiple times to be effective. Consumers often ignore commercials and, with the emergence of personal recording devices, this trend is only growing.
  • RADIO advertising is short and often misses the mark with listeners channel surfing or engaged in other activities. It also engages only one of the senses, which makes recognition more difficult. Technology has also hurt radio advertising with ipods and satellite radio taking over listening time.
  • YELLOW PAGES are very expensive and, with the Internet now used as the first resourse to solve all problems, fewer people are letting their fingers do the walking.
  • DIRECT MAIL will land your information in the right hands but a majority of this mail is tossed in the garbage without ever being viewed.

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