Scorecard Features for Golf Courses

In today's economy golf courses have to look for every angle to save money. MyLoopCard provides golf courses an annual supply of our unique product at a fraction of what they are paying now. MyLoopCard has franchise owners across the nation that will work with golf courses and local businesses to put together our program at your course.

Distinguish your course from the competition

MyLoopCard will provide your course with an affordable, professionally designed product that will replace your traditional scorecard. Our scorecard gives your players a detailed hole graphics with accurate and relevant yardages. Local advertising subsidizes the project to keep the cost down on your end.

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Player improvement leads to increased revenue

Our one of a kind stat tracking system which combines the recording of your stats on the MyLoopCard golf scorecard with the entry and game analysis on can actually increase your courses revenue. Players improvement will lead to more play and more lessons.

Learn about our MyLoopTracker stat tracking system:

Benefits of MyLoopCard for Golf Courses

  • Affordable — Our franchisees can offer you a lower price on the same amount of yearly scorecards you are purchasing now.
  • Usability — MyLoopCard can replace expensive GPS systems and yardage books. Our 16-page scorecard has all the information about your course that you could ever want.
  • Quality — You will receive a top notch product that will add prestige to your course. Players can not believe they don't have to pay for the MyLoopCard.
  • Marketing — Use MyLoopCard as a marketing piece for your course. Eliminates the cost to create your own.
  • Easy — Our franchisees will do all of the leg work so you don't have to. In most cases you will have to provide us with a course logo and review our work when were done.
  • Golfers — Your customers will love MyLoopCard. Very few golf courses will offer them a free yardage book every time they play there.
  • Speed of Play — MyLoopCard can help speed up play at your course when players begin to use our detailed hole graphics. They will not have to search for yardage markers or hit blind shots that may end up in hazards.
  • Increase in loops — Players will enjoy using the MyLoopCard and want to frequent courses that provide one. You may also see an increase in outings from local businesses whom advertise in your MyLoopCard.
  • Added Value — Advertisers may promote special offers that can only be found in your courses MyLoopCard.
  • Players Improvement — One of the biggest benefits to our scorecard is that all players can track certain shots during the round on the MyLoopCard and take home for an in-depth analysis on
  • Lessons — Players will begin to learn more about their game through the use of which will lead to more lessons for your head professional.
  • Pros Tips — Your pro can write a brief description about each hole that will appear inside our course guide.
  • Increased Play — As golfers improve their game they will want to frequent the links more often. Increased revenue.
  • USGA Handicap Card — You can set up a club on that will allow your players to track their handicap and print out an official USGA handicap card.

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