Ad Placement Options

Our MyLoopCard golf scorecard gives advertisers a fresh new avenue to reach potential customers. Where else can a marketer hit a high income demographic for 5 hours at time? There are many options for any advertising budget to become a part of a MyLoopCard in your area.

The typical MyLoopCard has between 15-30 advertising spots per scorecard. In certain situations we will only have enough space for 4 full-page spots. Ask your local franchise for more information. Here is a break down of our typical layout and the benefits of each page.

Scorecard and Back Cover Pages

The scorecard and back cover pages will be the most prestigious areas in our scorecard. Advertisers will have direct contact with golfers for 5 hours at a time. Players will have the scorecard open to this page for the entire "loop" and view your ad 30-50 times per "loop". There is no other advertising venue where you can reach a great demographic for this amount of time.

Hole Description Pages

MyLoopCard is designed to have players look at every page through out the "loop". The hole description pages will provide players with detailed information of each hole. Golfers will be able to access yardages and pros tips for each hole on these pages. Players can also track their golf stats on these pages. These benefits will give advertisers enough views to make MyLoopCard a great alternative to traditional advertising venues.

General Information Pages

The remaining pages in MyLoopCard will provide information about course rules, course history, game page for the days bets and a detailed ledger on how to use These pages will be at a discounted rate compared to the other options but over the course of a golf season will give marketers a great return on their money.

National Advertising Pages

In a majority of our MyLoopCards there will be two - (4 inch) by (4 inch) ads that will appear on every MyLoopCard across the nation. If your business would like to market directly to golfers across the nation, this is the spot for you. With nearly a million MyLoopCards printed in 2009 our National Advertising Pages can give companies a tremendous alternative to their yearly marketing plan. Please contact us for more information as MyLoopCard is continually growing and adding new courses and territories.

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