Franchisor's Marketing – Good or Bad?

A franchisor’s marketing program is critical to the success of franchise owners. As a prospective franchisee goes through the process of due diligence, evaluating and understanding the entire marketing offering of the home office should be one of your top priorities.

Asking good questions may include:

• What national marketing programs are in place?
• What national marketing fees do I have to pay (see their FDD)?
• Is there a local marketing protocol?
• Is there a minimum or a % of sales that goes towards local marketing?
• What is the franchisor’s social media strategy?

If the business is retail based, knowing what the overall marketing initiatives are to drive traffic through your front door should be your most important metric.

If the business model is service-based or direct sales driven, then scrutinizing marketing campaigns and marketing support materials that help open more prospect doors and close more business should be on the top of your checklist.

Finally, don’t ever under-estimate the value of validation. That is, talking to existing franchisees about their marketing effectiveness and marketing efforts. Do they know what it costs to market their business properly and what exactly are the costs to acquire a new customer?

About MyLoopCard

MyLoopCard is a golf marketing franchise company. Founded in 2007 and started franchising in 2009, MyLoopCard offers a unique way for local businesses to advertise their business with a customized 16-page golf scorecard. MyLoopCard seeks franchise owners that want to be active in their local community, and desire a flexible and family-friendly lifestyle.

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