New MyLoopCard Golf Franchise in Western Pa kicks off in 2012

James Magilson & Bryan Betzler are excited about bringing MyLoopCard advertising golf scorecards to Western PA golf courses for 2012.

James Magilson & Bryan Betzler bring MyLoopCard advertising golf scorecards to Western PA golf courses for 2012.

Carnegie, PA (Loop Ventures LLC,) January 20th 2012

MyLoopCard of Western PA is owned and operated by Bryan Betzler and James Magilson. Bryan has a diverse background in Advertising and Sponsorship Sales and James has a background in Sales and Marketing for the Charitable Gaming Industry. We both have a passion for the game of golf and have been exploring ways to incorporate that passion into a business opportunity.

We feel that we have found this opportunity with MyLoopCard is the highest quality, most useful and lowest cost golf scorecard in the market. MyLoopCard provides to the Golf Courses, and the Golfer the absolute best golf score cards in existence at significant cost savings over conventional cards.

For the Advertisers in MyLoopCard, they benefit from absolutely guaranteed rates of ad exposure, to a high caliber clientele, the Golfer.

About MyLoopCard Golf Franchise:

For many American's, owning a golf business is a part of the American dream. Finding an opportunity that not only fulfills that dream, but also allows you to be a part of a sport you are passionate about is, as they say, just about as good as it gets.

The MyLoopCard golf marketing franchise program offers a full array of services from helping you through the initial start-up phase to helping you complete your first golf scorecard to assisting you in building a substantial business of annual repeat customers.

In a down economy the MyLoopCard golf scorecard provides a product that is beneficial to all parties involved. The golfer, golf course, local and national advertisers and our franchisees all have vested interest in our company.

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