Southeast Scorecard purchases official MyLoopCard franchise in Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa.

MyLoopCard spreads to Central Florida

Southeast Scorecard purchases official MyLoopCard franchise in Orlando, Jaxsonville & Tampa.

Contact: Chad Hanysh

MyLoopCard spreads to Central Florida

Southeast Scorecards purchase official MyLoopCard franchise for 3 territories in Florida.
Orlando, Florida (Loop Ventures LLC,) July 21st 2010 – The Southeast Scorecard company will be working the territory of Central Florida to supply local golf courses with MyLoopCard. They join the growing MyLoopCard Team that helps public and private golf courses to save money on golf scorecards by finding local businesses to advertise in MyLoopCard to defray the cost.

About Loop Ventures LLC:
What started as a part time hobby for a few has now turned into a great golf career for many. Founded in the summer of 2007, Loop Ventures LLC, wants to enhance the experience of your everyday golf “loop” and bring added value to golf courses and sponsoring advertisers.

Chad Hanysh and Justin Herman started Loop Ventures LLC, in Youngstown, Ohio with the goal of providing MyLoopCards to every golf course in the United States. Starting slowly with (5) local courses in our home town we quickly ramped up the business.
Our initial expansion was done over the internet by finding distributors across the United States that would provide scorecards to local courses and then find advertisers to offset the cost and turn a profit. This model has now morphed to its current state where we sell territories in the form of a franchise. We currently have (15) franchisees across the country and are working to provide them with the best tools to succeed.

Our web entity now includes Golfers can track their “loop” in detail while playing for further analysis after the “loop”. MyLoopTracker offers a free version and our MyLoopTracker+ premium version for the serious golfer.
In a down economy MyLoopCard provides a product that is beneficial to all parties involved. The golfer, golf course, local and national advertisers and our franchisees all have vested interest in our company.

For additional information contact:
Chad Hanysh, director of services
Loop Ventures LLC,

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