Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive a protected territory?

Yes, all franchise owners are awarded a protected territory of a certain number of golf courses to market to and to build a sizable business over time.

How much does a MLC franchise cost?

Total investment, including the franchise fee, initial on-line training, on-site training in the franchise owner's market, operations manual, sales and marketing manual, media kits, marketing materials, protected territory, rights to use our brand name, 800-number support, and working capital should be less than $35,000.

How much can I make as a MLC franchise owner?

Well, since it's your business, it's up to you.

We work with our franchisee's in setting goals for their business - first year, second year, and beyond. The beauty of our business model is you are building a book of business - your customers become an annual revenue stream of income if you are doing a good job of providing great customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty with your golf course clients and your business advertisers.

How does a MLC franchise owner make money?

Our franchise owners make the majority of their income by selling advertising space within the MLC golf scorecard. We provide an estimate of the cost to produce the cards for the franchisee for their golf course client depending on the number of cards being ordered. The franchise owner then sells ad space to the local business community and generates gross revenue sales. The owner keeps the difference between the cost and the gross revenue which is the net profit from that order.

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