Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I advertise?

There are two types of advertisers. Local advertisers and National advertisers. Local advertisers will need to have a franchisor developing a MyLoopcard in their territory. National advertisers can participate in any of our MyLoopCards nationwide. Contact us for additional information.

Can I advertise in multiple MyLoopCards?

Yes. Absolutely. Depending on the number of programs a local franchisor has at the current time.

How much does it cost to advertise?

It will all depend on a number of factors. Size of ad, placement of ad, how many MyLoopCards your company advertises in, etc.

Do I need to provide ad graphics?

We can create your ad for you at an additional cost or you can provide one to us in a variety of formats.

Where will my ad appear in the MyLoopCard?

There are a number of placement options in a MyLoopCard. You will have to discuss availability with your local franchisor.

How do I advertise in MyLoopCard?

Contact us for advertising opportunities.

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