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The Next Generation of Golf Scorecards

MyLoopCard™ is taking the golf scorecard business to a whole new level. Forget boring one page scorecards thrown away after one round. MyLoopCard helps players improve their game, golf courses save money and provides advertisers a pipeline to an affluent demographic for hours at a time.

Advertiser's Benefits

Advertiser's Benefits Local business owners know the importance of marketing and advertising to drive customers through their front door. Reaching new customers is a constant goal for small businesses. MyLoopCard not only reaches a new niche audience, but a consumer demographic that is attractive for business owners - the high-discretionary income of men and women golfers. See more advertiser benefits Reach an unrivaled demographic

Golf Course Benefits

Golf Course Benefits In today's economy, golf courses are looking for every angle to save money and new ways to improve the golfer's experience. MyLoopCard is the perfect solution that does both. Golf management professionals know they need to have a competitive edge in attracting more new golfers and offer compelling reasons for existing customers to play more rounds. Check out more benefits to course owners See a layout of our peerless scorecard

MyLoopCard still provides each golfer the traditional scorecard but with so much more.

Learn about the course you are playing and meet the club pro and superintendent.

Many courses have local rules which may differ from official USGA rules.

MyLoopCard has mapped out each course to help golfers of all skill levels.

On many courses, MyLoopCard provides players with pin placements and terrain of each green.

Your local pro has given the players an in-depth look on how to play each hole.

Track your stats on MyLoopCard or download a stat scorecard of any course in the country.

Analyze your loop including fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand saves, and many more.

Input your stats onto for a detailed analysis of your game.

Many of our advertisers offer exclusive discounts to MyLoopCard golfers.

Check out local charity events and youth golf programs.

Many national companies also look to reach our golfers.

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What started as a part time hobby for a few has now turned into a great golf career for many. Founded in the summer of 2007, Loop Ventures LLC, wants to enhance the experience of your everyday golf loop and bring added value to golf courses and sponsoring advertisers.

Chad Hanysh and Justin Herman started Loop Ventures LLC, in Youngstown, Ohio with the goal of providing MyLoopCards to every golf course in the United States. Starting slowly with (5) local courses in our home town we quickly ramped up the business.

Loop, refers to one circuit around the golf course, 18 holes. It is most commonly used by club caddies to refer to the number of times they worked in a given day.